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    1TB HDD connected to internal SATA port, it crashes after copying 800GB data and changes Partition type from Basic to Dynamic.


      Reposted for Ami from document:  I have installed XP Pro 32 bit on a HP computer. The OS is installed in 80GB HDD and I am connecting 1TB HDD as a storage device. Both of them has same rpm of 7200 and transfer speed of 3.0 Gbps and both of them are connected to the SATA port of motherboard. Whenever, I copy data that is more than 800 GB, my 1TB Hdd crashes and if i check the disk management, the partition type changes from basic to dynamic.
      I have 3 diff 1TB HDD, same issue, after copying ~800GB data, the HDD crashes and in disk management it changes to Dynamic from Baisc. Also, I have done NTFS partition on the same. I have already tried to format the drive and reload, same issue. I have diff HP computer, same issue on that. Any Idea? please help me out!!!