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    whats new in that mother of  DX58SO


      i have seen ur new motherborad Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO and his sepcifications in the video colum

      • Nvidia SLI* and ATI CrossFire* multi-GPU platform support enables two graphics cards to work together for ultimate 3D gaming performance and visual quality
      • Full support of next-generation ATI CrossFire* and Nvidia SLI*


      my dear frd  its is possible a gamer need that motherborad becase the gamer never use integrated 3D card  becase the preformce of that 3d is low as compare to the ATI or Nvidia open cards  in markets now  if u free space for  3d card is more  better just like in D975xbx2 it is plain motherboard and you  also  give and SLI  or cross fire  So how is you give that opton to user integtrated  3D card of ATI & Nvidia so man think again about that motherboard in the case of gaming.and you also  only Support for a                                                         Intel® Core™ i7 processor  y ? where  your user of  CORE AND EXTREM  processor gone.if they wana  update there  CPU . they tottaly   buy new PC . its  too much expensive.