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    Intel RST : acceleration is not available


      Hello everybody,


      Recently we purchased some HP 8300 elite computers. They were shipped with two disks, as this :


      1x 20 GB SSD hard drive

      1x 500 GB SATA hard drive


      the SSD is used as a cache-disk and normally we should be able to accelerate the other disk (where System is installed). I installed Windows 7 Pro 64-bits on this computer, downloaded and installed the latest version of Intel Rapid Storage Technology software but I don't have the option to accelerate my disk.


      Please see below :


      1. in Windows Disk Manager (only one system partition) :

      Image 001.png


      2. in Intel RST homepage, I can see my SSD-cache and system disk:

      Image 002.png


      3. but in Performance tab I cannot accelerate my system disk, it is not present in the right-sidebar and the button "accelerate" is missing:

      Image 003.png


      Any idea what could be the problem ?


      Thank you in advance for your help.