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    Intel DX79SI issues 780/Titan



      As you know all other major MB brands have already computability BIOS for them, when we can expect such for Intel X79 board ?

      Because nothing can be done during boot with those cards, if you want to install them you need older card to view windows and install driver for the 2nd pci-e inserted card ...no BIOS and no Boot screens are showing.

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          Hello Dimo,


          Can you describe me the problem you are having when using the Titan video card on your dx79si so we can better understand it?




          Sylvia L

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            Having same issue with one of my PCs.




            64gb Dominator RAM

            840 Pro 512gb x2 raid 0

            600gb Velociraptor raid 1

            SB Szx sound card

            1000w Corsair PSU


            Using latest NVidia drivers.  PC will not boot past BIOS.  0_ on bottom right had of screen.  Tried with UEFI enabled/disabled.  Makes no difference.


            Guess we need a new BIOS for DX79SI mobo to work with Titan/780 GTX.  Haven't tried 770 GTX, will get those cards tomorrow.

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              I just purchased a MSI GTX 780 and I had the same exact issue with my Intel DZ68BC motherboard.


              Errot code Eb at post and refuses to boot beyond that.  I tried the same procedure as Speedo1968 changing the bios setting to UEFI enabled/disabled with no difference either.  I installed the card on a different mother board, and it booted just fine and were able to install the latest 320.18 Nvidia drivers.  I ended up just buying another motherboard from MSI, the Z77A-G43.  The GTX 780 is working great now with my older 2600k Sandy Bridge CPU.  Kind of disappointing that my Intel board does not support the new GTX 780 card.

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                I have the same issue Speedo is having.

                PC will not boot past BIOS.  0_ on bottom right had of screen.  Tried with UEFI enabled/disabled.  Makes no difference.


                Is this something that can be fixed or does them mean I need to leave my intel motherboard behind and move to a new brand that supports this card ?

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                  I have the same issue of not being able to get past the BIOS with the DX58SO with an EVGA 780. Tried running BIOS from 2011 as well as the latest one released.

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                    I'm having the same issue listed by the others.

                    I tried installing an EVGA GTX 780 SC onto my DX58SO2 motherboard. The system booted, but displayed the "0_" on a black screen in the lower right hand corner of my monitor. I have the latest bios[SOX5820J.86A] installed. Is there a bios update in the works? I'd rather not buy a new motherboard an processor to use this card.


                    I'd like to add that the system is booting into windows. I can tell based on the display on my Logitech G510 keyboard. I'll see the keyboard loading profiles, which only occurs after booting into the OS.

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                      With everyone's posts in here, this appears to be the list of incompatibility:







                      I wonder what other variants and generations are effected by this issue.


                      I'm also disappointing to report that after contacting Intel, I was told that they aren't planning on making a new BIOS revisions. However, with how widespread this appears to be, I'm hoping that they will reconsider.

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                        Ziad Aghar

                        It's also on the Z77 Chipset. Thus, all Intel major boards. I just got an Asrock X79 Extreme11 & a dual 780. The 780 doesn't work on the DX79SI, while the 680SOC from Gigabyte works fine. I think Intel should address this problem ASAP.

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                          Ok, I am using EVGA 780 GTX SC w/ ACS.  Got an updated BIOS for the 780s.  Updated on my spare Z77/3770k bench systems.


                          Currently have SLI EVGA 780 GTX SCs on DX79SI w/3970k.  Running fine...


                          I would recommend that anyone using 780 GTX and having an issue.  To please go to 780 manufacture for support and new 780 BIOS.


                          According to EVGA, Intel will not release a new DX79SI BIOS.  So EVGA did an updated 780 BIOS to correct the issue.  Gotta love EVGA...

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                            Been running the EVGA BIOS update since almost the second they released it. The 780 now works flawlessly in my DX58SO.


                            This was my first EVGA purchase, and I am quite glad I chose to go with the brand. That's some awesome support!

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                              I got the same problem on my DX79SR with Gigabyte GeForce 780GTX.

                              Unfortunately there are no BIOS updates from Gigabyte yet.

                              But there is a work-around:

                              1. Put both GF780 card and my old video card on the motherboard

                              2. Physically connect the monitor cable to the old video card and in BIOS set it to boot from old video card. (This will allow the computer to boot into Windows)

                              3. Download and install the latest NVidia driver. (and reboot if necessary)

                              4. While Windows is active, disconnect the monitor cable from the old video card and connect to the new video card.


                              5. One more thing, natively PCI-E 3.0 is not enabled, so you may want to enable it using this file, provided by NVidia. http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3135/~/geforce-600-series-gen3-support-on-x79-platform

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                                I also have exact same issue booting DX79TO with nvidia 770 (gainward, 2Gb). Rest of setup is as follows:

                                -DX79TO, latest bios 559


                                -ram 32Gb -1333

                                -1ssd (sata2), 1hdd(sata2), 1hhd(sata3), all <1T and in ahci mode

                                -850w psu with 12V: 60+A and common


                                With old video card the system worked fine. With 770 it hangs at boot screen error 0_ and on board 00. And the 770 also works on other systems. Also the usb driver chooses by itself when it wants to have the keyboard available and when not. Half of times the keyboard doesnt work at post, e.g. cant enter bios with F2 and that sort of thing.


                                I am really, really disappointed with Intel this time, this board was high price but its very buggy and got a very bad experience with it. In retrospect i should of gone with other boards half price and no issues. If this is not solved soon, i will stay away from intel as possible - and also will advise like so. Atm my thumb is down for intel.


                                This *really* needs a fix from intel. Not from somebody else.

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                                  Intel definitely should release another BIOS update to address this problem!


                                  GeForce 700 Series is not an uncommon hardware, and other board I tested worked perfectly except for DX79SR.


                                  I had problem on this board with my OCZ Revodrive 3 on PCI-E, it took months to actually resolve the problem, while I tested on other board that it was working perfectly fine.


                                  I tried to purchase the best hardware that I could afford, never imagined that the most problematic hardware was from Intel. I've read that Intel is phasing out in motherboard manufacturing, but it shouldn't simply ignore the products that already produced!


                                  This is a complaint, but I look forward for improvement in product support.

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                                    Hello ,


                                    We have already escalated this situation to the engineering department. I'll keep you all posted.



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