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    The Intel DC S3500 SSD


      So it has now been two weeks since the DC S3500 was spotted for sale in Akihabara, but still no official mention of it by Intel...

      Akiba PC Watch page with prices and detailed photos

      Is it "Yet Another Sandforce Drive"™ or something with a controller derived from the DC S3700?

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          We can expect the official release of this product in late second quarter or early third quarter of this year.

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            I realize that I must walk a very narrow path when posting this, so let me phrase it this way:

            There is now easily findable official product brief PDFs and photographic evidence from private purchasers available on the public Internet, confirming that the controller is indeed an Intel chip with the very same model number as the one stamped on the DC S3700's controller.

            That, combined with the significantly lower price compared to the DC S3700, makes this a potentially very interesting product for people looking for high reliability drives with consistent (predictable) performance.