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    Intel S5520SC + 2 SSD (RAID0) + 3TB HDD (no raid, not wisible in win7)




      I manage to configure 2 SSD to work in RAID0 on intel S5520SC via Embedded Server RAID Technology (no extra RAID controler). I have another 3TB HDD, is it possible somehow to ad it as a regular HDD (no RAID) whitout adding extra hardvare? Earlier i was using that 3TB HDD as my boot drive (well it used only 2TB cos it was not GPT, but was good for me until i got 2 Intel 520 120GB SSD). I installed WIN7 64bit on RAID0 SSDs with no problem, but my regular 3TB HDD isnt wisible on OS.


      Tried everything:


      Bios update, adding other smaller HDD, installed ESRT2_Windows_v.14.06.1007.2011_WHQL drivers, still 3TB drive is not detected on windows.
      Its shows on bios normally, but not in win7, not even in disk mannager.


      Im out of ideas, hope someone will help.