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    Problems with s5000psl


      Hello everybody.


      I have the next hardware:


      - AX 1200w Corsair


      - 8 modules gb ram.


      - 2 xeon socket lga 771


      - dvd rom


      - 320 GB seagate


      - LSI 8888 raid card


      Well, I set up all of the them in the box.


      First time, when I switch on the corsair, the pc runs withouth push any button and then stop.


      Next time, I disconnect the LSI card, and only put one module ram of 2 GB in bank A (colour blue), and switch on the pc.


      Don´t appear nothing on screen, and I record  a video with my mobile, showing next Bios color theme:




      A: Bit 3 led          RED


      B: LSB led          GREEN


      C: Bit 2 led          OFF


      D: MSB led          OFF


      What could be the error? I don´t know what is it...


      I have another two doubts:


      If i only put one module ram, the light of that bank must appear green no?


      and if i have put two sockets, each other has his correspondence green light no?


      Thanks so much for your help

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