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    Can't update Intel HD Graphics driver on Win8 laptop


      Lenovo G580 Screen corrupted freeze noise crash problem


      I have a new G580 (2689) which crashes at least once per day. The screen becomes corrupt displaying a mixture of random colored noise and fragments of the desktop which flicker / shimmer. The system freezes and is unrecoverable by anything other than holding down the power button (for 8 seconds) to turn the machine off.


      The problem was much worse when the laptop was new, out of the box, until Windows 8 got its updates. Now that it is updated from the original state, this problem doesn't happen as often, but still happens.


      When I have Windows device mgr check for an updated display driver, it says there is an updated one available. Then I download it and it experiences an error trying to install it. I've also tried downloading the updated display driver from Intel's website, and the download works, but the install fails again.


      I'm guessing it's a display driver problem and that an updated driver may fix this ... but can't get the driver install to work. I suppose it could also be a bad graphics card or display, but would like to try updating the driver first. Any tips on how I can get the driver to install or should I return this laptop to Lenova?