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    HD 4000 Lenovo Yoga problem with HDMI out


      Hello.  I have encountered a weird catch 22 problem with my receiver/projector and the Intel 4000 adapter/driver.  I have a Lenovo Yoga 13, win 8 64 laptop, Onkyo TX-SR875 receiver and Optoma HD 82 projector.  I updated the driver to the latest from Intel's site.  When I hook up the HDMI cable from the receiver to the laptop, the driver automatically sets the adapter at Monitor.  At this point I lose the picture on the laptop and I don't see it on the projector.  For some reason the only refresh rate that works on my receiver is 50Hz.  Since my laptop outputs at 60Hz, I don't get a picture.  I can blindly go to clone or extended modes and fix the monitor refresh rate and get a picture.  This works as long as I am on clone or extended modes. But, on monitor only mode all displays are dark, so I can't change the settings to enable a picture on my projector.  Any ideas


      Thanks,  gisr