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    Waking a DH77EB board from S5 with CIR


      A similar question has been asked about the DH77DF and DH67GD motherboards and CIR, but without an answer to either.

      Waking a DH77DF board with CIR

      Problem with power on using remote and CIR IR receiver


      I have enabled CIR in the BIOS and while I can control all functions via my harmony remote (Windows Media Centre mappings) once the machine has booted. I cannot get it to boot from S5 using either the power toggle or the power on button/mappings.


      I am using a Interset IR receiver, which is listed as working (on the IR manufactures page) with a DH77EB motherboard.

      Intel CIR Receiver. Specialty Computer Products


      I am running OpenElec 3.0.3 which includes the nuvoton cir driver. Alhough I am assuming, given that it is loaded post boot, that the the wake from S5 functionality should work regardless of the nuvoton driver. A [3.297331] nuvoton_cir: driver has been successfully loaded


      Can I check:

      - that waking from S5 is a working feature of this motherboard.

      - that there are no specific options that need to be enabled or disabled in the BIOS, other than enabling the CIR option (which I have done)





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          Hello Jamie,


          I made some research and on the OpenElec 3.0.3 web site says that it is ready for Intel Atom based systems and it has support for Intel GMA HD chipsets.


          This could be a compatibility problem between the OpenElec and the motherboard and/or processor you are using. So, I would suggest you to contact OpenElec and confirm if the operating system is fully compatible with 7 Series chipsets and Intel® HD Graphics 2500/4000 if you are using an Intel® Ivy Bridge processor.


          The answer for your questions will be:

          1.    Yes, waking system from S5 (off state) is a working feature in that motherboard but usually that is done with LAN activity, we don’t know if the feature in this board is also available for the on board CIR.

          2.    No need to change anything else in the BIOS more than enabling the CIR.

          3.    Again I would suggest you to confirm with OpelElec that this board is fully supported by the operating system.  You may want to install Windows media center and load all of motherboard drivers and test the IR receiver that way.



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            Hi Sylvia,


            Thanks for your response,


            I have checked with OpenElec and it does seem to be compatible with the 7 Series chipsets and Intel® HD Graphics 2500/4000.

            The CIR remote works absolutely fine once the OS has booted, the problem is "booting from S5 via CIR" ie. before the OS has even loaded.


            You comment re. "we don’t know if (the waking from S5 via CIR) feature in this board is also available for the on board CIR." that's really what I was trying to find the answer to ie. am I wasting my time trying to get this feature to work?

            From other posts, it seems users of DH77DF boards are also seeing this problem (regardless of what OS they are using once the system has booted). So was wondering if it ( waking from S5 via CIR) isn't fully implemented on DH77* boards. It seems to work fine on your other motherboards with a CIR header.



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              Jamie, please let me research if that feature is available or not on these motherboards. I’ll keep you posted.

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                Do you already tried to install Windows and install the nuvoton Driver?

                I think i saw an issue where an Linux can only Access to Nuvoton when you once intialized it with

                an Windows System.


                I have Openelec 3.0.2 with DH77EB without any problems.

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                  Yes, I can confirm that waking from s5 works on Windows for this board.

                  I also have read somewhere that the linux drivers somehow miss initializing the nuvoton chip and that it works after installing the driver in windows once...

                  Even though that suggests that something is made persistent in the CMOS somewhere...???

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                    Exactly the same issue here. Same motherboard (DH77EB), same CIR (inteset), latest BIOS (5/16/2013).


                    Waking from S5 (system off) does *not* work (Ubuntu installation).

                    The "wake from S5 option" should be completely OS agnostic. Obvious, because before the system is powered on, the hardware does not know what OS is on the harddrive, and no drivers are loaded.


                    Against better judgement I decided to install windows 8 and the latest Nuvoton CIR drivers to maybe 'initialize' something. Result? None.

                    Powering off and on Windows 8 with the remote did work, but after placing back the original HDD with the ubuntu install (during which the PC was completely off from electricity). Waking the PC with the remote did not work.


                    Conclusion: The mainboard has to be the weak link.


                    Has Intel even tested CIR being *fully* functional on the DH77EB mainboard?

                    Is there a BIOS update in the works?


                    Edit: It seems I spoke to soon! It indeed looks like the (windows) driver initialises/enables something. My Ubuntu (minimal+xbmc) install can now be woken up from S5 with the remote. *Only* after the PC has been cut-off from electricity it has to be started manually once (power button or WOL), after that whenever the system has been given a shutdown command it can be woken up by the remote.


                    People that pull the power plug (or use a multiple socket with switch) and put it in/on right before usage, may find it somewhat unusable (not the case with me ).   

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                      For people with a multiple socket with switch you have the Option to put on the PC with the PowerOn Signal by the Switch on the Socket. There is a BIOS Option for that. Power after AC Loss or something similar.

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                        Jamie, did you try wake from S5 with no PCIe card installed? I'm facing a similar issue, wake from S3,4 and 5 works fine with CIR and WOL until I plug my TV Card in. Then wake stops working until I pull the card out.



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                          I have no Problems with wake up from S5 with an PCIe TV Card Tevii S471 here on DH77EB

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                            Also no problems here (waking from S5) with a Digital Devices Cine S2 DVB-S2 card on the DH77EB.

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                              Thought I'd post an update to this topic, in case anyone comes across it looking for a solution, better late than never as the saying goes.


                              I finally got round to swapping out the hard drive in my linux/openelec machine. I installed a spare hard drive and installed Windows 7 on it, booted into Windows 7 and installed the CIR driver. I then put back the original hard drive with linux/openelec on it. Low and behold, the machine boots from S3/power off via the remote first time.


                              So if anyone else if having this issue under linux or openelec the answer is to first install Windows and the CIR driver and *then* install your linux OS / openelec (or other OS).


                              For some reason, something somewhere is only being initialised if the CIR driver is installed via Windows. You can completely remove the hard drive running Windows afterwards (and run linux/openelec or any other OS) and everything works fine. But you have to "initialise" (for want of a better word) the CIR controller/motherboard/BIOS (or something else outside the OS/harddrive) by installing the CIR driver within Windows.


                              Hope that helps anyone else hitting the same issue and thanks for all the helpful replies above.

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