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    No boot after BIOS upgrade DH61AG - memory error


      I am satisfied owner of a DH61AG mainboard.


      I wanted to upgrade the BIOS, but something went terribly wrong.


      My BIOS version was 0037. Upgrade to 0039 went well. Upgrade to 0099 also went well, but the next boot left me with just the POST screen.

      I didn't think much of it (my mistake), powered off and went on to upgrade to 0105. This upgrade gave the error 1560 - an error regarding the Intel Management Engine Firmware.

      I powered off again to try a do a recovery with the 0099 .BIO file on an USB stick, and all of sudden, the next boot gave me 3 beeps, indicating a memory error.

      It's like it came out of nowhere.


      Since then, I have not been able to power on the PC without the 3 beeps.


      What I've tried since:

      - The same memory (it's a 1x4gb Corsair stick, 1333Mhz, PC10600 DDR3) in the other memory slot

      - A different memory stick (1x4gb Kingston, 1333Mhz) in both slots

      - No memory at all to see if it made any difference


      The only thing that gave a different result was to remove the battery for several hours and then attaching again. This actually makes the PC power on normally just for a brief moment before powering down by itself. It then powers on with the 3 beeps again.

      What does this indicate?


      Is there a real memory problem? Or is the new BIOS - albeit corrupt - trying to impose some timings to the RAM that isn't working? I haven't tweaked with the memory timings at all (it's serving as a home theater PC - no need to…)


      Is the mainboard faulty? Do I need to hand it in for repair? Anyone with ideas?


      Thank you.