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    NUC HTPC Sound issues


      Hello everyone,


      Really hoping you can help.  I have recently purchased an Intel NUC system (i3, dual HDMI) and while I love the form factor and design I am having issues using this as a HTPC.  The system sets up flawlessly and I can use it to view and listen to whatever in a browser or via XBMC for streaming stuff from my NAS.  However, when I turn off all my components and come back to the system later there are no Audio devices detected.  The speaker in the task tray will show a red X and when I try to auto detect issues it doesn't find any audio devices.  The only resolution is to reboot the system.  I am running Windows 8 Pro and have tried both HDMI ports on the back.  Again, this only occurs when I turn off my other components and come back later to use the system. 


      My setup is the Intel NUC is connected to an HDMI port on the back of my Yamaha receiver.  My Yamaha receiver is then hooked up to my Samsung Plasma television.  It seems when the HDMI signal from the NUC to the receiver is lost, the audio device issues occurs when the receiver starts back up.  This isn't an issue with the receiver as I have tried the other 4 HDMI ports and all other devices work, and when I try the NUC on those the same issue occurs when I come back.  I am also positive of this as I have a Windows Home Server hooked up to the same setup via HDMI and the issue doesn't occur.  The Windows Home Server is 2011 and is running an i3 as well.


      I looked through the BIOS on the NUC and couldn't find anything that would SEEM to cause this issue.  I am running the latest video HD4000 driver found on the intel NUC downloads site. 


      I am really at a loss, and unfortunately this is very frustrating.  Now, Windows 8 does reboot quickly, but I shouldn't have to do this each and every time I use the system.  I really hope you guys an help, otherwise I'll need to offload this great little device and try something else.





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          Hello S,


          This is an expected behavior since the NUC does not have an onboard audio device. The audio streaming is done digitally by the graphics controller through the HDMI ports. It sends a digital signal with video and audio information through the HDMI port and it is expected that the device in the other end, in your case the Yamaha component, will be capable to interpret this information and translate it into video and/or audio.


          When there is an audio device in the HDMI chain like your Yamaha system, the graphics controller of the NUC will detect it and list it in the Sound/play back properties but if the device is disconnected from the HDMI chain or turned off then the NUC won’t see it anymore.


          If you open the Device Manager you will see that under “Sound, video, and game controllers” it only shows Intel® Display Audio but this not an actual audio chip. But once you connect an audio device to the HDMI ports then you will find a new line named “Audio Inputs or Outputs” showing the Yamaha or any other audio device present in the HDMI chain. That will be the unit used by the operating system to reproduce/payback audio.


          The NUC by itself is not capable to playback audio, that is why there is no on board audio jacks and it requires an audio device to do that. But if there is no audio device connected to the HDMI or it is off then the NUC won’t see it.


          In regards to the Windows Home Server, please let me know the brand name and model number of the board you are using? It may have an onboard audio controller; therefore the issue does not occur when you test the component on it.




          Sylvia L

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            I have a similar issue with an Onkyo SR705 Receiver. I've tried installing different OS's and I can't get sound out of the HDMI port, except I never get sound. I have the NUC that has the 2 hdmi ports. Do you have any ideas on what I can do to get it to work or if it's just a problem with my Onkyo receiver?

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              If you connect the NUC directly to your TV, do you get sound?

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                I do and I can see and select my TV in the menu options.

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                  I doubt there's anything wrong with your NUC.  I'd look at the Onkyo settings to see if something is wrong on that end, or perhaps try a different HDMI cable.  I have two Onkyos - a 605 and an 809, and they both work with my NUC.  I don't remember doing anything to get it working.

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                    I'm aware that this post is slightly on the old side, but since I'm using a similar setup, in that I'm running Windows 7, XBMC connected up via my Onkyo 609.


                    I initially had issues with Windows completely forgetting my settings when I put my amp in to standby so outside of XBMC when playing music for example sounded pretty hideous!. I re-installed the audio driver and that resolved that problem. I don't appear to have any re-negotiation issues when I bring my amp out of standby, audio will always come back.


                    Are there any extra HDMI settings you might be overlooking on your amp?

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                      I'm sorry but this "correct answer" is obviously false.

                      I bought my DC3217IYE a few months ago and had no problems with turning my amplifier off and then on again. The sound returned without issue.

                      It was only after upgrading the drivers within the last few days (it is the start of August, 2013) that this issue has manifested.

                      It is obviously mistaken to say that the computer _should_ work this way as, if it is intended for signage and the display suffers a temporary fault, the image will return but not the sound. This contradicts its function.

                      I hope Intel will see this and remedy it as it was something that worked previously, but now doesn't.

                      I have just ordered another NUC, and don't want to have made a mistake in doing so.

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                        This "correct answer" doesn't address the problem.  I understand that the NUC doesn't have an onboard audio device.  It passes audio via HDMI to, in this case, a receiver.  When the receiver is turned on and the NUC is booted, the receiver is recognized.  When the receiver is off and the NUC is booted, no audio device is recognized.  This also makes sense because if the receiver is off, there's nothing to pass audio to. 


                        The problem is that when the NUC is sitting in Windows 8 (in my case), I turn off the receiver, then turn it back on later, the sound doesn't come back.  The NUC can't "handshake" once again with the receiver unless I reboot the NUC.


                        If I boot my NUC without turning on the receiver, no audio device is installed.  When I then turn on my receiver, it doesn't matter, no audio device is installed.  Why not?  Why does the receiver have to be on at all times to maintain its status as an installed audio output device?  Turning off my receiver shouldn't necessarily terminate the relationship as an audio output device with the NUC, and it CERTAINLY should restore itself when I turn the receiver back on later.  I should NOT have to reboot my NUC to get sound passed through to the receiver again.  What if I turned off my computer speakers for 5 minutes.  Imagine that I then turn the speakers back on and sound wouldn't play.  Imagine if I had to reboot to get my speakers working again.  Ridiculous right?  That's what's happening here.  I turn off the receiver, leave the NUC on, turn the receiver back on later, and NOPE, I have to reboot to get sound to play again.  Isn't there a way to reinitialize the audio to recognize that yes, my receiver is actually turned back on and ready to receive pass-thru sound?


                        Is this clearly stated?  The OP was fairly clear on the issue, and I have attempted to clarify further anyway since it doesn't appear that the question was answered.  How will this issue be fixed?

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                          Hello DugKing,


                          I asked one of our HDMI support engineers to review your post and here is something you should try:


                          1. Uninstall the Intel HD Audio driver from Device Manager and select checkbox to remove the driver files.

                          2.  Uninstall the graphics driver.

                          3. Then re-install the latest graphics driver from https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=22872.  This will also reinstall the HD audio driver.


                          Let me know the results.



                          Lois H.


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                            OK, very interesting.

                            I tried this and it cured two issues:

                            Firstly, it addressed the power cycling of my surround amp and now sound comes back every time.

                            Secondly, my computer now outputs in 7.1 where it previously only output in stereo (something I thought was down to the media players I have).

                            I hope this can be packaged up as a fully working automatic installation so that people don't have to find this thread in future.

                            I also hope that other people who test this get the favourable results I did.

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                              Hi Lois H.  Thank you for your reply!


                              I followed the instructions as listed here and my results were mixed.


                              • I no longer have to reboot the NUC (model DC53427HYE) to get sound to come back, but I do have to right click the speaker icon in the notification area (lower right of the screen in the Desktop) and open Playback Devices.  When I do that, it seems to re-scan and find my receiver (Denon AVR-789).  Strangely enough, every time I do this, another instance of the Denon shows up.  Since your post I have tested the issue 2 times, and I now have 3 "Denon AVR" devices listed in Playback Devices.  It doesn't seem to affect playback, however, since audio works fine. If I reboot with my receiver turned on, it's detected normally and shows up in only one instance.
                              • A dealbreaker is that I am currently using my NUC with XBMC.  The current drivers have a known graphical corruption issue as discussed here: https://communities.intel.com/thread/38686?start=0&tstart=0
                              • The graphical corruption issue can be resolved by installing the latest beta drivers, but that's what I was running when I had this audio device problem in the first place.  It's like I have to pick my poison: graphical corruption in XBMC or having to reboot to get sound after the receiver is put into standby.
                              • I also see sound output, even from stereo sources like MP3 files, played out as 7.1 sound.


                              Thank you again for your reply.  I will keep tinkering and trying different settings to see if I can get this problem fixed.  Of course, a new driver release is also welcome.


                              Message was edited by: DugKing I wanted to edit and be more specific with the first bullet point.  While I don't have to reboot, I do have to still interact and open the Playback Devices window in order to get the NUC to see the receiver again.  Less of a hassle than rebooting, but still not ideal.  Since I use a remote for most of my interaction, I don't always want to have to go to the mouse/keyboard in order to toggle the audio back on. Another thing I am going to try is keeping the official audio driver installed, as was linked above by Lois H, but update the video driver to the beta version.  Since the beta driver download comes in a zip rather than executable, I can swap out only the video driver.  This will hopefully fix the issue of video corruption mentioned in the second bullet point.  It will also, hopefully, keep me from having to reboot, albeit still having to right click the speaker icon in the notification center.

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                                So with new drivers released on September 11, 2013, I figured I would chime in.  The problem, at first, seemed to have cleared up.  However, it's not constant.  Sometimes I still have to reboot the NUC in order to get the connection with my receiver stored. 


                                Sometimes I can go overnight, receiver off, come back in the morning, turn on the receiver (the NUC has remained on overnight) and sound is still available.  Other times that's not the case.  I don't know how to reliably reproduce the issue.  It seems to have been fixed a little, but it's not covering all scenarios, apparently.  A step in the right direction.

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                                  I just wanted to add myself to the list of people having this issue. The new driver does NOT make the issue go away. The NUC still loses audio devices (seemingly at random) whenever the receiver has been off for an arbitrary amount of time and then turned back on. Can Intel confirm this is problem is being addressed? It makes HTPC use extremely inconvenient!

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                                    Hi dave_save,


                                    We've been trying to isolate this issue and so far have been unsuccessful.  What model AV receiver do you have?



                                    Lois H.


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