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    Are these normal temperatures for I7-920?


      So I have less than a week that I took my new set with:
      Intel I7 - 920 (stock heatsink)
      Kingston DDR3 2048 x 3 1333Mhz (KVR1333D3N9/2G)
      Asus P6T WS Pro

      Lam-Tech power supply 550W
      etc on a cooler master chase.


      The room's temperatures are around 25C to 26C and humidity at 80% (aouch I know).


      I hadn't stretched the CPU at all till today cause the maximum I could get out of it was about 26% while brute forcing and installing programs simultaneously and was very happy with the speed. However I badly wanted to see loading at 100%. Got real temps that I've heard that works good on it and prime 95 for the cooling down temp. But the results...... :S




      Are these temperatures close to normal? :S I have installed the stock heat sink very carefully with the pre-installed thermal paste on it (well my finger took a little) and now?


      (Oh I have the chase open and one 120mm fan behind at full rpm)


      I have the serious and very bad feeling that it is not a heatsink problem because while the temperatures rose I could (barely but indeed) feel a small increase on the heatsink temps...

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          From the picture that you sent, it does seems normal the temperatures that you are getting. If you are using the cpu with it's stock an, then there should not be a problem. Should there be a temperature problem, then I would suggest you to contact the ASUS, as mostly temperature issues are related to motherboard rather than the cpu itself.


          However, from the result, which might be strange to you, it should be noted that from the new cpus and chipsets, the temperature is not always measured as it used to be measured before. Now they may refer to something called as prochot, which gives you the amount of degrees remaining until the cpu starts to overheat and starts show thermal trip. So it does not give you the actual temperature of the cpu itself. In your case it gives you the distance to Tj Max which is the same thing.


          Hope this will be helpful to you.



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            This is what I can (and want to) imagine. But the problem is not the temperatures while at usual load but the temperatures while at full load. With the stock fan is it still permitable to have 88C? Or even if this is not the real temperatures only have 6degrees till reaching the TJmax (of 95 maximum at my processor)? I am afraid that if someday I use the 100% of my cpu it will be fried in some hours. I know that it is mostly motherboards theme but I have also heard of some kind of "defective" processors rising to higher temperatures than other same processors and I am not sure what to think. Have other users with same processor and stock fan these temperatures at full load?

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              Hi B3bis,


              One thing you definitely don't have to worry is that your cpu or motherboard will never fry or burn. Intel processors have a special function that will automatically shut down the system if it is overheating to prevent damage.

              Yes as you said there may some 'defective' processors that may overheat like this but this is very rare with intel processors (but does happen sometimes).


              Processor and motherboard temperatures vary from motherboard to motherboard. You can be using the same processor onto a different model of motherboard and getting a different temperature. It's all upto the motherboard. I have not tried this processor yet, but I have tried with some other intel core 2 duos and I could notice that the temperatures do depend a lot on the motherboard. Last time I tested an E8400 onto a board and getting cpu temperature of 65-70degrees when processing 25% and around 80 when processing at 50% but the same processor on a different motherboard running at 28-32 degrees when processing at 50% and rising to a maximum of 40 degrees when processing at 100%.


              But if there are any other people out there who has this same model of processor as yours, it would be great if they could give us an idea of what temperature readings they are getting when their processor is running at full load.



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                I admit I did not knew that the temperature depended so much on the motherboard. However, I have spent a huge bujget on the motherboard exactly for having a good one. Especially this one claims to have perfect voltage controle with 16+2 capacitors for the cpu etc... I imagined that this could keep the temperatures low... But this does not seem to be the case.


                Anyway it would really be helpful if other people with same set could leave us a comment.

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                  So... I fell pretty much a fool... Even though I have installed two times the heatsink to be sure that it was nicely put on the cpu I did it twice again now just in case... And it wat this case... Now my cpu is running prime 95 for more than 10 minutes and maxed at 72C (I then opened the door to my balcony and dropped to 70 mac )... Thank you so much for your time ans sorry for wasting your time. Believe me I already feel very much a moron...

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                    I recently got the i7-920 and am using it on the foxconn flaming blade motherboard with stock speeds and stock heat sink.  With rendering in blender to test a full load my temps were getting all the way up to 80C after 15 minutes or so.  I remounted the cpu and reapplied my zalman thermal paste (much more carefully the second time) and now when i do renders it still will reach up to 77C.  Basically I too am wondering if this is normal for the i7 processors or if this is something i should be concerned about?

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                      Having run this machine for about a month on the stock heatsink while I waited for liquid cooling parts, I have some fairly reliable data on temperatures using a related ASUS board.  It should be noted case and air movement play their part and I am in the desert where the normal humidity this time of year varies between 7 and 13%!!


                      On the Asus P6t Deluxe V2, board, using the stock (read: "contractual obligation fulfilling" - and just barely that) heat sink, or "heat saver" as it is also called by some, I have the 920 CO-stepping running at stock speeds.  Idle Tcase is around 40 to 42 stable, with Tjuncture (cores) running in the mid 40's.  #2 runs a little warmer, which is probably a seating or TIM issue, about 5 degrees.  Under full load for an hour or more, Tcase is somewhere around 60 to 62, with the cores running fairy close to the known offset of 5 degrees higher, although once again #2 runs about 5 degrees warmer at 70 to 72.  Variance is pretty correlative to ambient temperature variation.  It should be noted this mobo is in an Antec 1200 (giant full tower case described by some as a wind-tunnel), with all fans manually turned to highest settings.


                      I used HW monitor, Fanspeed, and Temp for monitoring, with most coming in fairly consistently most of the time.



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                        This was exhactly what I was asking for mate! Thanx for sharing your info with me and now on I can imagine I have a full sight of the subject.

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                          Wicked!  Glad it was useful. I DID space out on giving the ambient though- I don't keep my house at the Intel Spec 22 (LOL way too hot out here to do that too efficiently) but I do try to keep it about 24, or 25c.  I ftemp goes over I can depend on my temperature values to go up also.


                          Cheers, and good luck



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                            Hello guys!

                            I also have an i7 920 with an asus P6T deluxe V2 and an aftermarket cpu heatsink (Coolermaster Hyper N520) !

                            When my room temperature at 27-28 C i have idle temperature to my cpu 34-36 C always saw in Everest!



                            Now at noon I said to try a bench program prime95!
                            But doing the test (putting in the max heat / stability - 100% cpu use) and after 21 minutes I saw a Cpu temperature (again with Everest) of 63C in the same room temperature (27-28C)!
                            I must say that this temperature was between 62-63 degrees from the first 5 minutes!


                            Do I have a problem with these temperatures?

                            Are these normal?