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    Matrix Storage Manager issue - rebuild RAID1


      Not sure if I am posting in the right place so please feel free to correct me if not.. 


      A client of mine has  Dell Precision T3400 with Matrix Storage Manager version running RAID 1 on two Seagate 1 TB drives.  One of the drives failed and the PC would not boot up after that (no boot device found).  I was able to go into the configuration (CTRL-I) and break the RAID and now it boots up normally provided that the good HD and the failed HD are present.  If I disconnect the failed drive I get "no boot device found".  I purchased another 1 TB Seagate drive (not the same model as the good one) and I still get the "no boot device" message.  If I go to configuration (ctrl-i) and attempt to Create RAID volume I get "error: Not enough available space". All I am after here is to rebuild the RAID 1 by adding a new drive.  What am I missing here?  Any help would be greatly appreciated   Also, backing up the drive and re-installing Windows is a last option as there are many pieces of software on this PC and a lot of intricate configuration (dentists office).  Thanks for any help anyone can shed on this issue.



      BTW, on boot up the drives show up as:


      drive 0 member disk.

      drive 1 no raid member