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    Get SRT rolling on Data Drive separate from system disk


      Hi - first posting.


      I've been digging through the forums but not quite finding what I'm looking for. 


      I'm running an Intel DZ68BC board with two Seagate Momentus XT drives in RAID1 for the System Drive.  I do a great deal of database work w lots of I/O so I've also got a 2TB WD Black Data Drive.  I'm also running an external drive (RAID1 inside of a Vantec box via eSata) but figure that is of little concern.


      My big idea is to install an SSD and team it with the data drive in a SRT RAID configuration.  Though I enjoy poking around w the box I'm really just an enthusiast - not a real IT guy. 


      Since this is not my system drive would the operation be as simple as installing the SSD, going into the Intel Rapid Storage Tech program and selecting accelerate for the data drive?  One question is, since the system drives are already in a RAID, will that cause confusion to the configuration tools/chips when I want to put two other disks in a separate RAID?  Here's another, would I absolutely need to update BIOS or should stock BIOS be OK?


      Easy as pie?  Pitfalls to know about?  Fools errand? 


      Appreciation in advance for any thoughts/suggestions.