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    Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 very slow and unstable connection using bluetooth


      Hi, before posting this i went through a few threads on this argument, but i couldn't find any solution.

      I own a Dell XPS 17 (l702x) with an Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 (drivers, since i installed Windows 8 i had sporadic disconnections and other incomprehensible issues, but the main one started when i recently bought a pair of bluetooth headphones.

      After connecting the headset, the Wi-Fi connection becomes unstable and really slow, sometimes i can't even connect to the router, and these problems last even after disconnecting the headset. This is really annoying.


      Today, after contacting the manufacturer, i did a fresh Windows 7 install (with the latest driver from intel website) on a different partition.

      I tried then  to surf the web and using the headset, the result was a stable connection and an "acceptable" download speed when compared to win8. I didn't stress it though.

      I'm not sure this is completely a hw fault.

      Since my main OS is windows 8, any help would be much appreciated.

      If you need more informations i'm available.

      P.S. I own a 2.4Ghz router 802.11n

      P.P.S. Sometimes a "quick fix" for the issue is to reboot a few times after disabling the bluetooth device, and leave it disabled.