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    Intel HD 4000: Low clock bug


      Hey all,


      My i7 3630QM Intel HD 4000 is mostly running at low clock rates for a 3D game (Elsword). I am using an utility called "GPU-Z" to monitor the clock rates.

      The HD 4000 should run, at the very least, 650MHz (for direct3d mode) all the time, but what it usually does is stay at 350Mhz for a bit, jump sporadically to 650 or 1150 Mhz, then jump down to 350Mhz and repeat. As a result, the game isn't running as smoothly as I'd like.

      I've experimented with another game, League of Legends, and the clock rate runs at at least 650 MHz. Could it just be a problem with that specific game?


      I'm currently using the latest version 3071 drivers.


      Thanks for your help.

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          The Dynamic Frequency and normal frequency that the system may use will directly depend on how much the system detects that its demanded and the power headroom available to speed up the cpu and video controller.

          In this case, the game may not be optimized to run under this type of architecture or its taking too much of other resources not letting the system to use its Dynamic Frequency as you would see it with other applications.


          You might try updating the system BIOS, and also try enabling the system to run at full power usage through the power options of your operating system, also be sure to disable any settings in the system that would relate to power saving, such as Enhanced Intel® SpeedStep® Technology (EIST) (check with your computer manufacturer for these options). Also be sure to load the latest patches for the games you are having issues with.