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    There probably is a quick solutions to this...

    Robin Imperati

      We have a Modular Server MFS5520VI.


      I have noticed that when the unit is rebooted the Date and Time changes.

      We had a power failure back that lasted about 2 hours. I noticed that the time in the event logs was off by 5 months, the time was off as well.  I saw where I can change the date and time however I did not make the change at that time.


      Yesterday the other IT person made a change to the Gateway and DNS IP addresses because they were pointing to the IP address.  The unit had to reboot so that the configuration changes could take place.   In looking at the event logs again I notice that the date and time has changed again and it is now back to October 29, 2012.


      Now I do not know if there is a Battery Backup in the Modular Server since I was not here when the unit was installed , I am  assuming that there is not a Battery Backup or the battery has no juice and that is why the date changes when the unit is rebooted.   Am I correct on this assumption?  If not, why would the date and time change when the unit is rebooted?