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    Intel HD 3000 driver causes bluescreen.




      unfortunately I have a big problem with the driverpackage for the Intel HD Graphics 3000 on my Zenbook UX31E.


      I have Windows 7x64 Home Premium but the problem also appears on Windows 8x64 Professional.


      Driver Version: (the newest) but it makes no difference if I use an older version.


      Now my problem.. when I have installed the Inteldriver for my graphic card, I receive a BSOD every time I want to login into Windows after I reactivated the Laptop out of Standby- or Energysavingmode. When I uninstall the driver and use the standard Windows VGA Driver I can reach the Standbymode (Energysavingmode is not available) without any problems.


      Bluescreenmessages: 0x0000007a (Standby) and 0x000000f4 (Energysaving)


      When I am playing games (Battlefront 2, Minecraft, Terraria, ect.) I have NO problems with the Inteldrivers.


      My Windows is not installed with UEFImode and I have installed all available Windows Updates (incl. SP1).


      I checked my processor with the testtool from Intel and it's passed all tests with no errors. Same for my RAM.


      Is my graphiccard damaged or is it an driver problem? Thanks for your help