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    Freezing S1200BTL in P4304BTLSHCNR


      Hello Community!


      We have a big problem with a brand new S1200BTL based server and we don´t know whats wrong with it. During setup of a Windows Small Business Server the server worked fine, but a day later it stopped working and the only seeable activity was the error LED on the back directly next to the ID LED, it was flashing yellow.


      Because we have already build several servers using the P4304BTLSHCNR barebone and this is the first one with problems we are a helpless because we don´t no what else we can do after:


      - replacing memory (now Kingston KVR13E9/8I)

      - removing RS2BL080

      - removing RMM4

      - using other hard drives


      We have installed a Xeon E3-1240V2.


      Because there are no firmware files for usage with the Intel Deployment Assistant we used EFI shell for flashing the latest firmware, but at the end of flashing procedure the server switch off with blink error LED.


      What can we do? Replace the Mainboard???



      Best regards from Germany