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    i7 3770K temp

    serdal aksun

      I use "thermaltake water 2.0 extreme" water cool kit. But I think I can't  take full performance


      Room Temp           :28 °C

      CPU İdle Temp       :32 °C 

      Mainboard             : DZ77RE-75K

      CPU                     : i7 3770K (Stock Speed)

      PSU                     : Corsair TX650W

      Case                    : Corsair R500

      Thermal compund  : Arctic Silver 5

      Prime95 5 minutes test results

      CPU load temp        : 70 °C 

      Is everything alright?

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          Hello Serdal Aksun,


          Your processor has a TCase value of 67.4°C; anything from the Tcase and below will be the expected temperature of the chip in normal use


          When the processor is stressed out meaning that you are running heavy processor applications the temperature will go beyond the Tcase ( reach 80 to 85 degrees Celsius) and the processor will still be OK. The cooling fan is in charge to keep that temperature there.


          If the processor temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius or more it  will send a signal to the motherboard to shut down to prevent mayor damages (overheating).