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    DELL Tablet Latitude 10 - Intel Media Graphic Accelerator HD



      my desktop monitor, as an extended display, only work with a max. resolution of 1280x1024 by Tabletcontrol - Intel Graphic Accelerator HD. The Intel Display Info window shows that there are modes supported by max.1920x1200 (60Hz) too.  But these modes cannot be s
      elected. Only the above Values.

      The monitor always been control with a resolution of 1920x1200 (60Hz) i
      n the past.
      Why is that, and how I can solve this problem?

      For the efforts I thank you in advance.

      kind regards

      My system:

      DELL Latitude 10 Tablet with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD - Driver Ver.

      Windows 8

      Desktop Monitor Samsung SyncMaster 245B controlled via HDMI to DVI-D (dual link)