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    D945GCLF restarts after shutdown - Please help


      I bough a Intel D945GCLF which I intend to install into a car.


      The problem is that when I shut down the computer, the fans stop and then 5 seconds later the computer springs back to life again and windows restarts.


      I Have:


      Intel D945GCLF

      2 GB 666 DDR memory

      60 GIG HD


      To eliminate windows I carried out a fresh XP professional install - No change

      I have updated the Bios (Had problems, may be linked - more info further down)

      I have disabled all wake on events in the bios - No change

      I removed my Wireless lan card - No change

      I have no caution marks in control panel

      I have disabled the restart on system failure - No change.


      As for the bios I downloaded the windows installer from intel and on running it, the pc reboots and gives the error 'the firmware detected a cmos checksum error' and loads back into windows without updating.


      Then put the bios on a dos boot disk and using the integrator ran it, but on running the computer restarts.


      So finally I just used the jumpers on the board and the bios on a CD and this appeared to work. Bios is now version 0171


      Im all out of thoughts, HELP


      PS I do not have roxio easy cd creator installed (I've read this can cause these problems)


      So I'

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          Sorry, no help here, but I have the same problem with a DG33TL.  Everything works perfectly except choosing Shutdown from Windows results in the shutdown and then a restart.  It was working fine with my previous motherboard and I have tried all of the things davidmit tried except when I upgraded the BIOS to the latest version I had no problem... so new BIOS code didn't help me.


          Any suggestions would be appreciated.