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    Low burst rate (85 Mb/s) X25-M

      I just recently bought the SSD, but after testing the burst rate was far to low.

      Testresults with HD Tune 2.55, Windows 7 and Vista64.



      Min: 154,2

      Max 229,4

      Avg 214,9

      Acc 0,1ms

      Burst 85,3


      I am using the 8820 firmware.

      Motherboard: Gigabyte (DS4 if i am not mistaken)

      CPU: E8400


      Who can help me?

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          i ve got the same or a similar problem...


          OS: Vista Business x86 32bit

          Intel x25-m ssd 80gb


          ahcpi mode


          4gb ram


          intel 1,86ghz core duo


          thinkpad x200 tablet








                min: 63MB/sec

                aver: 153MB/sec

            access time: 0.2ms

            burst rate: 62.8MB/sec

            CPU: 23%


          Unfortunately Vista seems often to hang for about a second.


          The system is newly installed about 3 weeks ago...


          Tanks for Help from me, too!!

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            Also ran tests with HD Tune.

            SSD x25-M 80G - with latest firmware which I believe is 8820


            OS - Windows 7 - 64bit


            Intel 3.16 Core 2 Duo



            Transfer Rates


            Max 227.9 mb

            Min 206.1 mb

            Aver. 225.4


            Access Time 0.0ms ?

            Burst Rate 104.1 /sec


            CPU usage -1.0 (This is obviously not being reported correctly)


            This is on a fresh windows install and a drive only 48 hours old.