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    HD4000 vs GTA IV

    Robert S

      This conversation is a continuation of HD4000  4es unrelated to GTA4 that may be continued here if your HD4000 crashes when idle: http://communities.intel.com/thread/36836


      After their perfected solution by the skilled staff here at Intel... I from this non-crashing environment confirmed by ten days of near tortured crashless uptime, installed sp3 on my winXPro sp2 Intel DH61CR/i3-3225 HD4000 system, rebooted and proceeded to play with GTA IV. This is HD 4000 set to full-time dedicated max 1024mb in bios, with all drivers updated, and eventually i even got the game to run and look beautiful in its stock format only patched to Playing the game, running in a straight line at near full graphics quality was enough to please me. Turning to look around though was horrific, the display drops to single frames per second at best and at worst crashes this very same display driver every single time. Surely the game lacked proper load testing as their non-following camera evidences, but i don't mind lag, this wasn't lag. Graphics level makes little difference, from high 900mb to absolute zero 200mb GTA reported memory usage, turning your view crashes the game; graphics level only changes the time before crash from 1 minute to 10 minutes, with 19 out of 20 crashes in one evening in a standard display freeze-and-reboot message as listed in the last thread and once, my first ever XPro blue screen, in 10 years I've never seen a blue screen. Seriously not since 98. It spoke of an infinite loop, saving my system from the end of the world otherwise as the sound skipped in the background. The majority of the GTA4 crashes resulted from the near instant display of a complex object, such as spinning around to reveal a shiny new taxicab with headlights beaming on you, or suddenly coming across a tremendous and complex sculpture in a park, though two of these instances did not result in crashes but 30-60 second freezes followed by normal play. The crashes always occurred after less than 10 seconds of frozen display


      Everyone ignorantly nay says HD4000 as being a movie display system, they say HD4000 absolutely can not play GTA4, but I've seen what it can do, here, as i played on zero graphics for 20 minutes straight in one beautiful instance of mayhem and madness, and elsewhere. I play Far Cry near-full graphics seamlessly, Played I Am Alive 2012 faultlessly, the power is there on my i3-3225 to play tough games, and I've a great tolerance for low frame rate and lag. Crashes aren't part of the deal though. You are close to perfection on these drivers. I've not seen this complex-object crash result in any other game than GTA4, and I've tested dozens of the award wining titles in the 2005-2010 range, GTA IV is alone in its difficulties and universal in its crashing of your Intel software on every instance. Don't stop now your previous updates resolved significant errors. And no one can deny GTA4's girth among gamers. Even us casual types.


      Taking all ideas, answering all questions. My dxdiag and other technical data unrelated to GTA4 is available on the previous thread: http://communities.intel.com/thread/36836

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          Robert S

          * Excuse the typo above: "HD4000  4es" 4es is nothing.


          More information: This problem is consistent through the similar, newer, and separate program GTA IV: Episodes From Liberty City (2009) and is non-existent on the likes of SkyRim (2011), I Am Alive (2012), Half-Life 2 episode one (2006), Borderlands (2009) and Fallout 3 (2008), all of which play like everything other game, without critical failure of the Intel igxprd32 display based on the most current 2013-05-24 Intel HD4000 driver [ ( - - winxp_145111.exe]'s inability, to address sudden complex objects sneaking up on it from half a decade ago. Perhaps a solution is in the works. I hope this second reference assists you in your endeavors as I wait patiently to ravage this unsuspecting city with HD4000 that when not crashing renders this game quite well. Defy the critics or meet their expectations, it is your call Intel.


          More reviews at: www.robertskyler.com

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            Just to confirm, the game has not performed correctly since the beginning or this used to work with a previous version?

            Have you updated the latest game patches too?

                  Rockstar Support : GTA IV -- Patches and Title Updates 


            For any reference, please refer to this article to check what troubleshooting and information is required and reporting this kind of issues:


            This will help us investigate any gaming related problem you may have with this or any other games..

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              Robert S

              This instance of GTA IV is version, not the newest, but considered the standard for GTA4 patching; going beyond (to makes most mods unusable. I have run this exact installation very well on my new GeForce 560 SE. And will leave this issue to the dustbin of history as someone along the way was right, saying, HD4000 is a very competent mild-gaming video device, and GTA IV, no matter how competently HD4000 played it before it crashes, is absolutely not a mild-game. This game has serious load issues and i suspect your drivers have overly protective perceived infinite looping guards that are simply being exceeded here. I've no further concern on this subject, though I will continue to look for driver upgrades that address XP issues if you do.


              Thanks for your interest.

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                You could try using a separate hard drive with another operating system installation, and use the latest release of the game with all patches and no mods installed, or you could re-install the game in a different location, backing up your current game files.


                That way you could test using our latest driver and a fully updated and not modified installation of the game in which we may get a closer look.