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    HD2500 - no audio detected through AVR in Win7 - help!



      The HD2500 in Windows 7 does not recognize the AVR as an audio device; no sound at all comes through DisplayPort/HDMI.


      Connection layout:

      PC Displayport to HDMI cable -> AVR HDMI output-> TV HDMI input


      Key Notes:

      - Connecting the PC directly to the TV allows for an audio device to be detected by Intel Display Audio; everything works

      - Connecting the PC through the AVR has video working perfectly, but no audio device is identified

      - Booting the PC in XBMC Ubuntu has the audio working perfectly across all formats supported by the AVR (DD/DTS, LPCM, True-HD)


      Resolution notes:

      - EDID override does not work (extension block does not load); apparently this is a known issue with Intel drivers

      - Disabling the analog audio (in BIOS or drivers) does not resolve the problem

      - Every single Intel driver version released did not solve the problem

      - Changing TVs did not solve the problem

      - Changing AVR may solve the problem, but I only have the one.

      - Changing cables has not been tested yet; though the current cable works perfectly well in XBMC Ubuntu, a different one will be tested shortly.



      - This is a Windows Driver issue with Intel Display Audio.! The hardware and connections works perfectly, as tested through XBMC Ubuntu.



      - Can this issue be prioritized, given all the people having significant similar issues? My setup is as vanilla as it goes; should not be this complex to get audio working.



      - Lenovo M92p Tiny PC with DisplayPort (DP++), HD2500

      - Pioneer VSX-1120 A/V Receiver

      - Samsung LN-B750 LCD TV