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    processor E5-2620 supports RDRAND?

    Aleksandr Kvas


      I have a server platform Intel R1208GZ4GC and E5-2620 processors. I'm trying to use RDRAND, to generate random numbers. To put this code:

      int _rdrand16_step(unsigned short *therand) { 
       unsigned char err; 
       asm volatile("rdrand %0 ; setc %1" 
       : "=r" (*therand), "=qm" (err)); 
       return (int) err; 

      However, when compiling the error:

      {standard input}: Assembler messages:
      {standard input}:7191: Error: no such instruction: `rdrand %dx'
      gmake: *** [../../main/main.o] Error 1

      Operating system FreeBsd 8.3

      Help me, please.