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    Xeon E5630 - Sees Only 16 "CPUs"





                  My client has three stations "PowerEdge T610" with 2 processors E5630 (in bios) (Windows E5649). My XenServer (Bare Metal Hypervisor) sees only 16 "CPUs". These 2 processors have 4 cores each and 8 threads for each core.


                  The problem is that XenServer sees only 16 "CPUs" when he should see 2x4x8 (CPUsxCoresxThreads) 64 "CPUs". Namely, 32 "CPUs" for each processor. Is that correct?


                  I've Recently upgraded this bios. What could be wrong? This is a limitation of Linux? What can I do for this my client?




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          Hello Eduardo,


          The math does not work like that; the correct statement will be: 2 CPU with 4 cores and 8 threads.

          This means that each processor has 4 cores and due to the Intel ® Hyper Threading Technology, each processor core will be seeing as 2, giving a total of 8 cores/threads per processor.


          2 processors = 8 cores = 16 threads.