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    Whats the chances of Intel developing a Motherboard with a high speed keyboard controler and run XP and win98 or dos?


      I do understand that the keyboard input on a normal PC will never see keystroke rates like im feeding in.


      I have a computer to tell another computer what to do.

      One task it does is generate OpenSSL certificates automatically, this saves me lots of time or the learning experience to try and write a batch file, I just feed the computer with all the variables from text files that can be edited very easy.



      I currently output about 130 keystrokes a second to an Intel P4 HT desktop board. Still manage to grind the system to a halt even with a 600 000 key stroke buffer some times. it does depend on how long the command prompt is busy for.


      My program in Quick BASIC is running on a P2 233 is capable of doing about 800 keys/Second thats about a 50 khz clock signal but if I had a faster pc on the program I guess the clock frequency might be as in the range of 150 khz or higher . The burst frequency is of importance but more interested in the thru put.


      Just in-case anyone says its not possible to do over 4000 WPM on a P4 I uploaded an image of a personal best record that took over 5 hours of careful tuning of the 2 PC's to achieve.

      The web site now has a built in delay to only go so fast cause my program finishes way before the cursor does.