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    Whether Intel Q9400 processor having VT technology? – Not able to run VMware ESX 3.5




      I have bought new Desktop PC, configuration details are:


      Processor details:

      Intel Q9400

      Intel core 2 quad processor, Freq - 2.66GHZ, Core - 45nm, FSB - 1333MHZ, Socket - LGA775, L2 cache - 6MB, PCG - 05A


      BIOS version: PRG3110H.86A.0047.2008.0227.1745

      Processor type: Intel(R) EM64T capable

      Model no [product code]: BX80580Q9400




      Intel DG31PR

      Intel classic series - desktop board


      RAM: 2GB DDR 2 RAM

      HDD: 160GB SATA HDD


      Host Operating System: Dual OS -- Window 2008 Server 64bit and Vista Ultimate 64 bit


      I have installed VMware workstation 6.5.2, in this when I try to create a new virtual machine ESX 3.5 – it does not works. It says 2 popup error messages: (This happens in both the operating system)


      1. While power on the virtual machine (VM) in workstation, in the right corner pop up menu like this:” THIS HOST DOES NOT SUPPORT VT: your have configured this virtual machine to use a 64-bit guest OS. However, this host is not capable of running 64-bit VM or this VM has 64-bit support is disabled – whether VT is available in this. If so, how to enable it?


      2. While creating a VM in the workstation, I try to select the 64bit OS, in the bottom of this window it says, “This host will not support 64bit guest operating system” – what its mean to say? -- Whether Q9400 is 64 bit support OS. If so, why this error occurs??


      I have communicated with VMware team regarding this: see the below link before u response



      *VM -- Virtual Machine


      please help me out.............. waiting for the reply...........

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