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    Very Small Discussion Group


      Hi All,


      It is hard to believe that such important technology as Intel SSD is supported by such a small discussion group.  It is also hard to believe that the Intel Internal SSD group does not participate more, as such participation whould likely demonstrate Intel's committment to the product and support for the community.  I would expect this forum to have thousands of posts, based upon the length of time that Intel SSD has been on the market.  Does anyone know of a more robust discussion group where users are filling in the blanks left by non-existent documentation?




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          Bruce, I totally agree. The “we are precluded to discuss policies regarding product information” standard response either on the forum or via email support is highly frustrating.

          I don’t mean to highjack your thread, but maybe anyone else with this view could use this thread as a petition to promote a more proactive response from Intel to support their ssd products.

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            Right.  And in the meantime, the real SSD support group is the OCZForum at:




            I just read there about a fascinating SSD companion product "MFT" by what appears to be a very small company, "Easy Computing."  They claim to have solved many problems caused by small writes to SSD.  MFT caches multiple small writes and does a single large write to improve performance and lengthen SSD life.  Their performance comparisons are to very poorly performing, JMicron-based products, however.  I am not sure to what degree the Intel controller may already incorporate portions of Easy Computing's techniques.


            I have personally tested a newly-installed X25-M in XP, though, and have found random write performance to decrease to 26 MB/s when repeatedly writing 4kB blocks.  (Compared to 76 MB/s when sequentially writing 16KB blocks.)  The strange thing is that this same test (Passmark advanced disk) results in 13 MB/s throughput when randomly READING 4 KB blocks.  My system achieves 123 MB/s when sequentially reading 1 MB blocks.  At that point I am bus-limited, with a SATA controller on an old PCI bus on a poorly-designed motherboard in a Dell D620 (SATA drive running with IDE emulation, or some such nonsense).

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              Ocz’s forum is dedicated to the beta development of their products and tweaks to make their products work. SSD’s are not all the same as the controllers work very differently, so regretfully the vast majority of information on the Ocz forum is completely irrelevant to Intel SSD’s.

              End user discussion is just that, discussion. Only Intel gave provide facts and that is sadly lacking for an important and new technology.

              If anyone else agrees please plus one on this thread.

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                Agreed; that is why I bought Intel.  For example, as I said in my last post, the MFT software looks VERY interesting; however I do not know whether it is even applicable to the X25-M.


                If someone knows, please advise.

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                  well although the last reply was "ages " ago, this is what i think:


                  MFT partitions are not bootable.


                  You pay per disk you have, but you pay too much.....since you also pay for your bootable disk.........nice.




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                    +1 here


                    but well, Intel is doing OK, may not be the best or fastest, but at least the most stable one with proper warranty support.....36 months somemore