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    how does Z77 Chipset do how swap under win7?


      I use Asus Maxims Formula MB, there is 2 SATA chipset on board, 1 is z77, 1 is AsMedia,

      I have no problem with AsMedia as I can remove hard disk by "Safe remove", but I can't do it on Intel chipset,

      I have ask many people on different forum and all said even when u turn on AUPC and active hot plug under bios, IRST of cuz been installed as well,

      you still won't be able to have Safe remove under win7, and just simply "unplug" the drive and no problem with that,

      I just wonder 1 thing, we basicly know activty on foreground, but how do we know any activity on background? eg: network access, software background active,


      Without "safe remove", how do we confirm with win7 that all activity have been stop and all data have been writen into HD and not on Buffer?


      Can Intel explain why previous intel chipset able to remove by safe remove and now it couldn't?