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    DZ77BH-55K BIOS ignores boot order


      I have the latest BIOS (0099).


      I have two bootable hard drives connected.  The BIOS always boots from the drive plugged into the lowest numbered SATA port, regardless of the boot order I specified in the BIOS.  I have one drive connected to SATA port 1 and the other connected to SATA port 3.  It always boots from the one connected to SATA port 1.  I have swapped the drives and it still boots from the one connected to SATA port 1.


      If I should hit F10 while the BIOS is running, it displays the drives on the boot device list in the correct order as specified in the boot order list.  The one at the top of the boot order list is on top, and it is highlighted.  So if I just hit enter it will boot from the correct one.   But if I don't hit F10 it will boot from SATA port 1.

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          Ruben Ramos

          Hi Steve17,


          In fact you tried all the troubleshooting steps available for this problem you have.


          I was thinking on a possible delay on the HDD to boot, one first to the other,  but you swapped the HDDs already, we can discard that.

          One last chance will be to try previous BIOS version, just to discard a possible problem with the latest BIOS.

          If it doesn’t work you may need to replace the motherboard with us, here is the contact information: Contact Intel

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            Thanks for the reply.  There's no need to return the board.  Actually I think it is a BIOS problem.  Considering all the BIOS update problems people have had, I will not go back to an earlier version.


            It is just a minor inconvenience, but I mentioned it in hopes it will be fixed in a later revision.


            Normally I want to use the same drive when booting.  I can plug that one into SATA port 0.  If I want to boot from another disk I can hit F10.

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              Ruben Ramos

              Hi Steve17,


              We understand, I will forward this information to the correct department in order to take it in consideration for next BIOS release.


              Thanks for your feedback on this.

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                I found another bug in the 0099 BIOS.  It is minor but it was a bit of aggravation to figure out.


                I checked the box for "Video optimization" in the Fast boot section.  Yeah, I know I was asking for trouble.

                With that box checked there are no boot drives listed in the "Boot order" or "Boot priority" sections.

                It still boots up but not on the drive in port 0, but rather on the drive this BIOS, with a mind of it's own, wants to boot from.  If I hit F10 while the BIOS is running it does show both drives and lets me choose, but strangely the drives are shown as "USB SATA  drives".  I have no USB drives, just plain SATA drives.


                Unchecking the "Video optimization" returned the computer and my sanity back to normal.


                P.S.  To add to my frustration, I wasn't allowed to login as Steve17 today.  I eventually got a valid login, but I couldn't use Steve17 because it was already in use.  So now I'm Steve17a.