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    DH77DF Video Problems with Windows 8 and 7


      I have a DH77DF MB with a i3-2120 CPU that refuses to work under Windows 8 or 7 with the onboard video enabled. In 64-bit Windows 8 if I have the video enabled I can load the the OS but once it gets to loading drivers it hangs. If I disable onboard video and install a separate graphics card it works fine. In 64-bit Windows 7 the OS loads fine with the standard VGA drivers. As soon as I run Windows update and it installs the drivers for the onboard video it hangs. I have used every driver on Intel's website for Windows 8 and 7. The BIOS is updated to the latest one on Intels website.


      Ubuntu 64-bit Linux loads fine. Windows 2008 Server loads fine. No problems with the onboard video. The problem is limited to 64-bit Windows 7 and 8. I have not tried the 32-bit versions.


      I have seen similar problems from others but no fix. I am currently running Windows 8 headless with the onboard video disabled under 64-bit Windows 8 but would like to use a monitor.windows