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    Intel D955XBK does not correctly identify Pentium 965 EE


      Dear Experts and Enthusiasts,


      I've got a annoying problem that I've seen mentioned on teh NET but have not found a solution...


      I've have a D955XBK (current BIOS version 2049 - latest) since 2005 with a Pentium 840 EE. It has served me well for all these years, but I recently decided to give my RIG an upgrade with a Pentium 965 EE, so I bought one on Ebay.


      After I swapped the PROC the system booted up fine, the board automatically changed the Bus Speed from 200MHz to 266MHz (Rated FSB as 1066MHz) but it kept the multiplier at the lowest level (12) so the PROC speed ws set to 3.2GHz instead of it's default speed of 3.73GHz. I thought that it may be due to SpeedStep, so I fired up Prime95 and even at full load CPUID showed the multiplier as 12 (consequently speed remained ate 3.2GHz).


      Up on reboot I went into the BIOS to see that the BIOS had idenfied the PROC as Intel Pentium...6GHz (yes, SIX Giga hertz), so I went into the advance chipset settings and manually set the multiplier to 14!


      After that everything seemed to be OK, BIOS identified s a 3.73GHz CPU... Windows correctly identified the new processor as Genuine Intel CPU 3.73GHz and CPU ID correctly identifies the CPU as Pentium EE Pressler 65nm, etc (see attached image below):


      CPU ID.png


      I've left Prime95 running overnight so the setup is stable, but I would really like to be able to let the MOBO automatically set the multiplier, FSB, etc. This article mentions a similar problem http://ixbtlabs.com/articles2/mainboard/intel-d955xbk-i955x.html


      But it's solution was "after some mysterious "voodoo dances""... Which does not help me.


      Any ideias? Thanks in advance...