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    Rendering Workstation


      Hi all

      This is my first post so hope it will be answered, i'll try to make a simple one. Basicly I do renderings of an interior/exterior scene using Win7 64 bit and hp z800 with 2x Xeon E5530 @ 2.40 GHz cpu with NVidia Quadro 3800FX graphics card, and 16gb ram. With 3DS Max Design 2014, Vray2.4 addin it takes up to 10hours of calculation for a complex scene in HQ at 3000x3000 pixels. What I want is to use Dual Xeon E5 cpu with 32 or more ram with a gtx titan or Quadro 4000k graphic card and fasten this process. Has any one got any idea or better suggestions for this issue, or anyone uses a computer like this or better one? Any idea about Xeon phi coprocessor can be a better solution?!? It would be work in a workstation to improve speed in the rendering process?!?!?



      Salve a tutti,

      questo è il mio primo post e spero che qualcuno possa rispondermi, quindi cercherò di spiegarmi bene. Di media sviluppo renderings di interni ed esterni utilizzando una workstation HP Z800 con sistema operativo Win7 a 64 bit equipaggiato con: 2 processori Xeon E5530 @ 2.40 GHz, scheda video NVidia Quadro 3800FX, 16Gb di ram. Il software di sviluppo che utilizzo è 3DS Max Design 2014, Vray2.4 e per il calcolo di una scena complessa ad alta qualità e risoluzione a 3000x3000 pixels impega di media 10 ore di calcolo. Vorrei passare ad una nuova WS equipaggiata con doppi processore della serie Xeon E5, con 32 o più gb di ram, con scheda grafica GTX Titan o ancor meglio una Quadro 4000k per aumentare la velocità di sviluppo. Qualcuno ha una migliore soluzione o consiglio? Affiancare un coprocessore Xeon Phi potrebbe esser una migliore soluzione?!? Funzionerebbe installato su di una WS per diminuire i tempi di calcolo relativi al processo di render ( CPU based ) ?!?!?


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          Hello Giacomo_Cerri,


          If you are planning in changing the system based for dual Xeon E5530 to dual Xeon E5 processors and using high end video graphics of course the performance will improve.


          In regards with the Xeon PHI , you may want to access the following link. It will provided you a lot of information about it and it explains when the Xeon PHI is or not suitable for someone.




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            I don't know about 3DSMax, but I do know rendering software is either CPU driven or GPU driven.


            In my case, I have Keyshot rendering which is entirely CPU based, that is the more cores\threads the better, as an example a 10 hour rendering on a 4 core, will take about 5 hours on 8 cores, 2.5 hours on 16 cores.


            Having said that, there are rendering programs (contact 3DS MAX tech support and ask them if the program is GPU or CPU driven) that use the GPU for rendering, in that case, your better off investing in a dual\triple graphics solution.  In my case, Keyshot, for example, there is NO Performance gain by using a high-end graphics card, (not that it hurts to have one)   it's all about the cores\threads, the more the better, the faster the better, what can you afford, and again, where is the money better spent, CPU(s) or GPU(s)?


            Another thing to keep in mind, is your system speed, my system will run at 1333, 1,600, 1,800MHz depending on what kind of RAM I use and what flavor of CPU.  One can again gain +10% ~20% rendering performance by getting maximum speed RAM, 32+ GB is not bad either, especially as your core\thread count goes up.


            For rendering, this is just my opinion, for a dual CPU Workstation rendering program that is CPU driven, I'd recommend either\or the new 10\12 core v2 E5-26XXCPUs' and 32GB of RAM per processor for starters.


            If it's GPU driven, I'd give the W7000 cards a look.  Like I said, this is based on my limited rendering experience with one program.  As they say, "Your mileage may vary"! 


            Good luck,