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    335 or 520-series for home laptop?


      My name is Mike and I need to replace the family laptop's hard drive.


      We have a circa 2009 laptop.

      I will re-install Windows 7 on the new drive (replacing the one that just broke).

      We primarily run the Office suite and internet on it.

      Some video, but no too much.


      The laptop only has 3 Gb of RAM.



      I am leaning to an SSD drive over a traditional drive.


      A friend in IT recommended Intel over the competition.


      Looking at MicroCenter's website, I see two comparable drives... the 335- and 520-series.


      It looks like the 520's primarily a bit quicker... but is that speed worth the $30 (sure, "only" $30, but I ask to better understand the technology).


      And while these are the two on MicroCenter's site... both 180GB...



      (individual drive pages:



      http://www.microcenter.com/product/408640/335_Series_SSDSC2CT180A4K5_180GB_SATA_60Gb-s_25_Internal_Solid_State_Drive_(SSD) )


      Would I be better off paying extra for the 240 GB 335-series - http://www.microcenter.com/product/400663/335_Series_240GB_25_SATA_6Gb-s_Solid_State_Drive_(SSD)_SSDSC2CT240A4K5 ?


      Which should we get?