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    DX58SO: if you disable in the BIOS the integrated NIC and you resume the system from sleep, then the system tries to re-enable the card.


      Hi all,

      I' m experiencing a strange behaviour with DX58SO. I've disabled by BIOS the internal network interface in order to install two PCIe Intel NICs for network teaming purposes. The disabled internal NIC is clearly absent in Vista device manager, so until this point all works as expected. Oddity begins when I put the system in the so called "Suspend To RAM" power mode. In fact when the system resumes from sleep, the OS (Vista 64 Ultimate SP2) tries to re-enable the formerly disabled internal network card and tries to install a network driver for it. Obviously it fails, and now in the device manager I can see the disabled network inferface with a yellow exclamation mark. I think there's anything wrong because the OS might not see a disabled network card. It sounds me like a BIOS bug. I'm running the motherboard with the latest 4014 BIOS.

      Have a nice day.