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    Matrix storage manager RAID construction failed


      Hello guys,


      I've recently had a lot of problems with Windows 8. Kept getting bluescreens every few minutes.

      I have two raid 0 arrays. One with ssds and the other with regular hard drives.

      Today, after I rebooted I got an error message about the drives being incompatible and

      that the array construction failed.

      I ran the HP diagnostics tool and it shows that all my drives are healthy.

      I was just wondering if this is the cause of the partition table being corrupted

      or if there is a solution to this. It's pretty weird that both of my raid volumes

      got the same error at the same time.

      Below are screenshots of the matrix storage manager and the HP diagnostics tool.

      Hope you guys can help me out.







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          Once a RAID 0 has failed the is nothing you can do to recover it, but to make sure the issue does not happen again. Try latest Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology, update you BIOS version with your system manufacturer, and also make sure the power supply is giving the hard drives enough power.

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            Most important is an update of the Intel RAID ROM, which is within the mainboard BIOS. Your Intel RAID ROM Utility currently is working with the totally outdated Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager OROM v7.6.6.1002, which probably is not able to work together with the actual Intel RAID drivers.

            My advice:

            Ask the mainboard/PC manufacturer for a BIOS update containing an Intel RAID ROM of the v10.x.x.xxxx or v11.x.x.xxxx series.

            If you will not get such BIOS, you may update the Intel RAID ROM version your own. There are guides available about how to do it, for example here: http://www.win-raid.com