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    DZ77GA-70K won't boot Win XP Pro SP3


      Hi !!!


      My primary disk drive has 2 partitions:


      Fist: Win XP Pro SP3 x86


      Second: Win 7 Ultimate x64


      I upgraded my pc with a DZ77GA-70K MB and Win 7 boots OK. Today, a week after I did the upgrade, I tried to boot my Win XP Pro SP3 partition and got bule screens indicating problems with PCI.SYS and SPTD.SYS.


      I have tried to Normal Boot (does not work), Safe Boot (does not work), Boot with my original Win XP Disk (does not work).


      I guess I am out of options. Any suggestion would be appreciated. My MB has the latest bios version as of today (Version 0064)