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    I7 3770k at 4.1 to 4.21 GHz no OC, 15-28% max load: is it normal?


      I have recently finished my new pc, and knowing that my I7 is a 3,5Ghz i am wondering why is he enjoying a load of 8 to 28% (even lower) at a 4.xx Ghz Speed?. Should it not stay at a normal speed like 3.5GHz and then go over if necessary? I did not tweak anything, and do not have any intention of overclocking.


      Cpu temperature is from 26 to 41 (depending on core). room temp 20.5 degrees Celsius                  


      My pc is a Gigabyte GA z77x UD5h WB motherboard, I7 3770k cpu (it logical) 16Gb ddr3 a Gigabyte GTX650 TI 2Gb oc and a SSD Crucial M4 with a few normal hdds.