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    Problemi legati all'alimentazione processore core I7


      Hello from Luciano to all staff Intel corporation

      I propose my question to your Staff because i have any problem with my acttually processor model  previous mentioned

      because i've bought an power supply to plump my acctually mother board model Zotac Z77 .

      This  Mother Board has Lg1155 socket for positioning this processor but my actually power supply can't deliver enaught

      current for 3,3 V alimentation.

      Now this power supply can only  deliver 8 A  current  over this alimentation , i think isn't enaught to work this processor in full load.

      I Propose this question because this processor now work properly but when i load a strong application that necessary a lot of resources

      and elaboration  suddenly turn off

      I would like grateful if your personel can explain me how many WATT is necessary only for this processor to work properly.

      Now i have an power supply can erogate 160 W but only 8 A over 3,3 V for this reason when this processor work in full load

      require  more current and then turn off my station , i think this power supply enter into protection mode because when i try

      another IPL this station turn off again , for restart normally situation is necessary about 15 minutes off.

      Can any one help me to resolve this problem ?

      THank you very much !

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          Freddy Gonzalez

          Power supplies must comply with the ATX12V 2.2 design guidelines (see the Form Factors Web site for details) and supply additional current on the 12V power rail through a 2x2 connector or 2x4. The Intel® Core™ i7 processor requires a minimum of 8 Amps continuous and 13 Amps peak for 10ms on 12V2. All Intel® Core™ i7 processor-based systems require either the standard 2x10, 20-pin ATX power connector or the new 24-pin ATX power connecter as well as the 2x2, 4-pin 12V connector. Each motherboard/platform may have additional requirements based on graphics cards, TV tuners, ADD2+, HDD, ODD, chassis fans, etc. Consult the motherboard and system component documentation to determine additional power supply requirements.


          The minimum power that you can use would depend on the external components you have plugged into the motherboard. Intel® recommends using a power unit higher than 460 Watts for high ending systems.


          You may want to access the following link to check some of the power units that were tested with this type of processors: