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    DG35EC Blank Monitor


      Hello Every onw who can help me,


      I got intel dg35ec mobo and every time after working for 2 to 3 minutes mouse hangs and  the monitor goes balnk then monitor shuts off though the cpu keeps running, the only way to get back the monitor is to power cycle the cpu


      i have nvidia 8800gt pci express.

      there is no issue with my monitor tried changing the monitors and graphic cards but the same issue, also tried replacing the ddr rams to different slots

      i have upgraded the mobo drivers, bios to 113 and microsoft drivers,graphic card drivers, monitor drivers still the same issue


      I suspect its a motherboard issue?


      any help is truely appreciated

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          Hi there,


          Well i did not come across any problem like this before on this board.


          I will suggest you to do a test if possible.



          1. Back up your information to a separate media

          2. Do a CMOS clear for 10 -15 minutes.

          3. Leave the system with minimum configuration like single hard drive, optical drive, single memory module, no graphics card

          4. Go into the BIOS

          5. Set the BIOS to default F9 and F10

          6. Insert your OS cd (if you are using Windows XP, try to get one with SP2 embedded)

          7. Boot on the OS.

          8. Format the drive

          9. Install a clean and fresh OS.

          10. Once OS is installed, install the drivers from the website in the following order.



          Chipset Driver

          Graphics Driver

          Audio Driver

          Lan Driver


          Let me know if there is any difference. Dont connect any device on the front panel. Connect all the devices thru the backpanel.


          All the best,