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    How to set a fiber-ethernet card in promisc mode with only RX



      We have some servers with Intel® PRO/1000 MF Server Adapter (LX), which is connected to a NetOptics Fiber Splitter (tap). The Fiber splitter works perfectly, but we have problems getting the fiber-nic to recieve the traffic. Since we use a splitter, we only recieve traffic from the splitter.


      We use Debian Etch as our Linux-distro with the latest drivers from e1000.sourceforge.net. Both ethtool and the card itself reports "No link", which is no surprise, but I assume this is the reason wht the nic never "sees" any packages.


      Is there a way to override or force the nic to recieve all packages it sees on the link? Even ifconfig reports 0 on RX.