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    Request help in identifying which 850 chipset is in my Dell Dimension 8100


      This is the first time that I have used this system- pardon me if I make a mistake.


      Intel lists 6 different 850 chipsets per the following.




      Intel® 850 Chipset Family Boards

      However the following utilities do not identify any of the above 850 chipsets.


      Intel Chipset Identification Utility V2.91



      Detected Chipset:    Intel(R) 850 chipset family

      Memory Controller:  82850/82850E

      I/O Controller:         82801BA (ICH2)


      AIDA64 Utility



      CPU Type: Intel Pentium 4, 1400 MHz (14 X 100)

      Motherboard Name: Dell Dimension 8100

      Motherboard Chipset: Intel Tehama i850(E)


      My Dell Dimension 8100 is not connected to the internet; therefore, I can't use Intel Driver Update Utility.
      I have already installed the Dell Dimension 8100 BIOS XP2 (to support WinXP) and plan to install the
      latest software for my Intel 82801BA Ultra ATA Storage Controller.   My root problem is that WinXP install
      (upgrade from WinME) fails- prior to install, setup complains that I may not have the required support for my
      PCI Mass Storage Controller.  Previously, my original hard file crashed and I replaced it with a 500GB hard drive,
      with PCI EIDE storage controller.   I only use this computer for email, so I did not see the need for buying
      a new computer.


      Thanks, Carl