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    DQ77KB PCIe card not recoginzed


      As described by many others here, there are still problems with this board and a PCIe card. I have a video capture card (SAA7160) installed in the PCIe slot, but the card is only recognized occasionally. Mainly at cold boot (after power disconnected for some time) and randomly when rebooting, the card is not detected at all.


      Of course, I have the latest BIOS installed. I also know that there was a BIOS fix regarding this issue in version 48, and indeed with older versions the card did not work at all. But obviously, the problem has not been resolved completely.


      Is there any chance that a future BIOS update will fix this issue? Any help on this problem would be very appreciated!






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          Hello Georg,


          We recommend testing with a different PCI Express* card to narrow the issue properly. We build our products to industry standards but there is still the possibility of incompatibility and this seems to be a compatibility case with the card you have.  Check your power supply and ensure it is sufficient to run the card.

          We will also proceed to forward your inquiry to our research department for future consideration.