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    [beseech] Intel: please build the perfect mini-HTPC NUC. Now. Folks are waiting eagerly. :)


      Hi folks,



      since ages I'm building and running HPTCs in my home. And I'm reading lots of discussion boards concerning this topic... many discussions in the communities are around building/finding the perfect HTPC. Of course many flavours exist, one of them is the "mini HTPC", essentially a small networked thingy, e.g. for running XBMC accessing some home server or NAS.



      Now Intel leaped a huge step forward introducing the NUCs. Tiny, energy saving, powerful... the right direction for the perfect 'thin HTPC'.



      As an HTPC consumer you need at least:

      - Video: high end vieo graphics; efficient video decoding, Clear Video HD, true 24p, etc

      - Audio: high end HD audio supporting latest DD and DTS formats, at least using pass-through hdmi



      These are the basics... at especially the i3-NUC supports them with its HD4000. However, it would be nice to see advanced video technology also for cheaper Celeron-based NUCs.



      But as an HTPC consumer you woule also need/desire:

      - IR remote control. Hey Intel, why is this cheap stuff not included? At least a CIR header would be ok... it's on all Intel multi media boards, why not on NUC?

      - Analog Audio out, i.e. an 3.5mm stereo jack. Hey Intel, you ever heard of standard head phones? Not everyone wants to buy high end BT stuff.

      - USB 3.0.  This is already in the the chip set. Hey, why don't you expose that? It's state of the art.




      Build a Celeron (or i3) based NUC with advanced video graphics, IR/CIR (RC6 compatible), USB 3.0, analogue audio for a reasonable price.


      THAT's IT!



      Hint: look at the OpenELEC project (openelec.tv). Make sure your device supports that OUT OF THE BOX and you will earn LOTS OF MONEY.



      Just my 2 cents,






      PS.: no offense, me and lots of other people are really and desperately seeking for such a killer device!

      With NUC you are almost done... there's not too much (and nothing expensive) left!