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    Couple of Issues with DX58SO. Please HELP!!


      I recently bought Intel Core i7 with DX58SO and have been facing few issues.


      My Config is:

      Intel Core i7 920


      Corsair 3x1GB Tripple Channel Ram

      Saphire ATI Radeon 4850 1GB

      Corsair VX550W PSU


      Sony SATA DVD ROM

      Samsung 2233SW 22" LCD@60Hz


      OS : WIndows XP Professional ( Am using SATA mode as IDE , default bios setting)


      Here are the Issues I am having:

      1) The Blue HDD LED is always on, even when there is no HDD Activity and it blinks when there is HDD Activity.


      2) During POST i can see some Flickering lines (may be 2 lines) in the upper half of the Screen/Monitor. It comes twice after the Splash Screen. First in the Initial POST Screen and other in the next POST Screen whre you see those POST Codes in lower right of the screen.


      3) Before the Splash Screen of Intel I don't see my Graphics card Info being Displayed.


      After saving up for months to get this Config it was so disappointing to see these issues as, we have the same config, except for Nvidia Cards instead of the ATI Radeon in my Office and none have these issues.


      Am really not sure if there is any issue or not. I shall be highly grateful if someone can shed some info on these issues?

      I never exxpected Intel product to have these issues.

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          I just talked with Intel Tech Support though Chat... and according to them the issue of flickering during POST is common with couple of Video Cards. I will be glad if anyone with ATI Card can verify this for me. My Office has Nvidia with DX58SO and there seems to be no issue of Flickering during POST.


          About the HDD LED Staying always on I'll double check tonight.

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            Hi...I have the same setup with a Radeon 4870. The flickering on start up is normal for me. Must be the ATI cards.

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              Am also convinced that the Flickering is ATI Cards behavior during POST with DX58SO

              Anyways thanks for confirming the finding.


              And for the HDD Light Staying on... I opened up the case and found that the HDD light was not always on, and it only binked when there is HDD activity. I misread the lights on my Case. I am using Coolermaster Elite 335 and both the Power LED and HDD LED are Blue in color. And because the Power LED is Brightly lit, it looked as if the HDD LED is on.


              So, It seems that i never had any issue in the first place but was too paranoid after reading all the bad report/Complain about DX58SO on the net.


              Its quite a relief knowing everything is normal.


              Thanks "stumped" for verifying the ATI display with the BIOS.