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    w5580 vs x5570


      Dear Everyone,


      could someone clarify the differences between the two cpu (Intel Xeon W5580 and X5570)? I see that 5570 is a 2.93 GHz cpu and W5580 is a 3.2 GHz, and W5580 has TDP of 130W. But why don't main brand manufacturers include the higher cpu in their systems? I have read in many sites that W5580 is a workstation cpu while 5570 belongs to the server line, but why? What makes a difference?

      We're planning to buy a new database server and hesitating between a brand server (with 5570 cpu) and a S*micro assembled server (with 5580 cpu). Would the 5580 server (workstation) better investment or shall we stay at the "official" server line with the lower cpu?

      Thanks in advance!

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          Christopher Peters

          It has to do with the testing and validation process that we at Intel put the parts through before shipping them to our OEMs. From an Intel validation perspective, the W5580 has only been validated for typical workstation usage conditions vs. server operating conditions. 


          If you are still interested in using the W5580 for a server environment, I’d recommend you talk directly with S*Micro.


          Otherwise you have identified the key difference between the CPUs: (x5570 = 2.93GHz, 95W) (w5580 = 3.20GHz, 130W)



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            Thank you Chris,

            one of our suspicioun was exactly what you wrote.
            Our server operating condition is not too rough (we have a difficult period only for work hours and in two month of the year), otherwise the CPUs are idle most of the time, so I suppose two w5580 will do the job witouht difficulties.
            Can we tell then strictly that a w5580 can outperform a x5570 cpu (for a short period)? If we don't count for long-term reliability.

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              Christopher Peters

              Assuming all other system components are the same.  Using the w5580, which runs at a higher rated frequency (3.2GHz) and has a higher turbo-boost frequency (the ability to run above rated frequency for short periods of time if system power / thermal conditions allow), than the x5570, you should see higher application performance on the database app you are evaluating.



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                Thanks Chris, we'll check this out soon I hope.

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                  Can you explain some of the differences between “workstation usage conditions” and “server operating conditions”? My company is considering the W5580 and the X5570 for use in a high-performance wireless core network test server application. This server will simulate mobile clients accessing the mobile core and generate high data loads into the network.