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    what can I do with i7 920 and 3gb (3kit) 1333mhz DDR3?


      Ok guys here's my problem:


      I am building a new PC and I got the following products after a long searching period

      Intel DX58SO, Intel i7 920, XFX ATI 4870 1gb, Kingston 3x1GB DDR3 1333mhz and Pc Power & Cooling Silencer 750W.


      Everything was ok till the time i was going to install them..I found out on google that the i7 920 doesn't support the 1333mhz memory....Unfortunately it was alittle late because i just cut the sealed sticker of the memory box and it can't be refundable. So i would like to know some ideas and pls if you can answer my questions 1 by 1...i'll appreciate it.


      A) does i7 920 without overclocking support the 1333mhz?

      B) if the i7 920 doesn't support the 1333mhz but i install the 1333mhz anyway and i run my computer what will happen? any damage?

      C) is a 1333mhz memory will have any damage on the cpu as a voltage higher than 1.5 does?

      D) if i overclock the i7 920, i'll be able to use the 1333mhz Rams with it?

      E) is overclocking covered by Intel warranty for 3 years?

      F) In case i decided to do overclocking because the i7 920 doesn't support the 1333mhz, how to do it? do i have to install the memory, install windows than overclock or there is another procedure?

      G) is Intel Desktop Control Center offered by Intel enough to overclok the i7 920 and solve the problem?


      Sorry guys for my many questions, but i really need some answers from experts, I am stuck in the middle of the road and i don't know if I should buy other Memory or what I have can be fixed.